Some SEOs are now seeing the important things To Consider, Refine This Search and Broaden This Search features reside in the Google search engine result. I do not see them yet but they were revealed at the Search On event a few weeks ago and they should be going live soon according to that announcement.Kenichi Suzuki identified these and posted screenshots on Twitter of him being able to see them: Refine this search: Broaden this search: Things to consider: Here are his tweets: Google rolled out “Refine this search” and “Broaden this search”, which had actually been introduced at #SearchOn.— Kenichi Suzuki & #x 1f4ab; 鈴木謙一 (@suzukik) October 18, 2021 Things to know has also gone live now. (It looks like Google relabelled the function “Things to think about”.)#SearchOn— Kenichi Suzuki & #x 1f4ab; 鈴木謙一 (@suzukik) October 18, 2021 Again, I can not presently replicate it but perhaps it is now presenting to a growing number of people?Forum conversation at Twitter.