Danny Sullivan of Google stated on Twitter that the search business is “working on improving our reactions” to making edits to some of the data displayed in knowledge panels. The issue here is with some professors having a title teacher however others getting a subtitle, like law teacher, and if that is proper or not.Here is the issue as documented by Lisa L. Ouellette: Anyone know how the Google Knowledge Panel algorithm chooses which teachers get a “professor” subtitle? pic.twitter.com/7tnXgeUyIX— Lisa L. Ouellette (@PatentScholar) August 10, 2021 Danny Sullivan described that Google automates this procedure “based on references we see throughout the web.” Danny said you can verify the profile and/or make edits or report the issue. The issue with that is, Google does not permit all types of edits as Lisa said: Thanks, but I did that and got a reply that the modification “isnt supported at the moment.” And Im less concerned about my own subtitle than about the obvious gender alter in which US law professors get subtitled “Professor” by the algorithm.– Lisa L. Ouellette (@PatentScholar) August 11, 2021 Here is where Danny Sullivan stated Google is “dealing with improving our reactions in such cases, to give much better guidance.”We dealing with improving our responses in such cases, to offer better assistance. As to the broader problem, Ill pass this on so we can look at enhancing. It likewise helps if the referrals throughout the web are likewise more fair …– Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) August 11, 2021 Thanks– Lisa L. Ouellette (@PatentScholar) August 11, 2021 So I guess we will see in time how Google improves the modifying of understanding panels.Forum discussion at Twitter.