Gary Illyes from Google posted on Reddit that he is trying to find examples of where GoogleBot might not be acting. Particularly he wants examples of “cases where refresh crawls are going nuts.” I assume this means where Googlebot is recrawling pages in an extremely aggressive manner.There is a problem on Reddit about Googlebot pinging an old short article URL over and over once again way excessive. Now, it is most likely someone pretending to be Googlebot, however there is a chance it is a problem with Google. The complaint was: Im checking out the logs events from a news website, and i got an spike in one particular day in a short article published on 2020. Anyone have an idea on why would Googlebot gain access to so numerous time in one specific article?Gary Illyes from Google replied: “Wan na dm me the URL if you could validate its certainly Googlebot? Im searching for cases where refresh crawls are going nuts and would value this example.”He also shared how to confirm Googlebot to guarantee it is actually Google accessing those pages.So I think if you have examples, share them with Gary on Reddit.Forum discussion at Reddit.