Google appears to be checking a feature to assist searchers listen to how to pronounce a company name with a microphone icon. Google is likewise checking in that local pack a “translate more” link.This was identified by Khushal Bherwani on Twitter: Here is his video of it in action:”Listen feature” and Translate More” in Google organization. * Translate More * Listen FeatureIs this get for any particular region.Or new?CC – @rustybrick— khushal Bherwani (@b4k_khushal) February 1, 2022 I think this specifies to specific countries and languages and not available everywhere.I personally can not duplicate this.Ive seen this prior to for the primary search results, here are examples of that:1/ 2 Listen Feature included “Local Language” as well as in Englishcc – @rustybrick— khushal Bherwani (@b4k_khushal) February 2, 2022 Forum discussion at Twitter.