Colan Nielsen observed a few days ago that for some regional keyword searches, Google will change the local pack header in the keyword spot to a brand. Colan shared an example, I can replicate it, and said “Google is listing the particular business it believes I am trying to find.”The search was for [dermatologist san diego] and the header, instead of it stating “Dermatologist” like it does for lots of other regional packs for this keyword search, it shows “Dermatology & & Laser Center of San Diego.”Here is a screenshot that you can click on to enlarge: Clearly, Google for this place and this keyword search thinks you are trying to find the Dermatology & & Laser Center of San Diego and no other Dermatology workplaces because area. This is most likely an example of where Google can do better but it likewise reveals you that if you have a strong enough brand with your brand name having the keyword search in it, Google can show it as the header to the local pack.Forum discussion at Twitter.Note: This was pre-written and scheduled to be posted today, I am presently offline for Simchat Torah.