Do links from reporting tools, like comparable websites checker and SEO report generation sites, impact your site in Google Search? The answer is no, according to John Mueller of Google. This is a brand-new question I have yet to see up until now. John was asked this on Reddit “Will links from sites like the similar sites checker and seo report generation site impact a websites ranking?” John simply replied “nope.”But I think it really depends, is the report published as a URL that can be indexed and available to Google? Are the links on that URL followed? Do they bring any weight in Googles eyes? The likelihood is that these reports are probably not indexed by Google and if they are, they are probably not viewed as high quality enough to help you rank for anything in Google Search. That is most likely why John stated “nope.”Weve seen these types of reports get indexed over the previous couple of decades in numerous styles. The old days of pingback landing pages and referrer URL spam pages and so forth. They really dont influence Google Search any longer and this likely would fall under that.Forum conversation at Reddit.