He then shares a tweet about individuals cloaking and cheating their lighthouse scores as a fraud to deceive Google.Here is Johns tweet: Lighthouse scores do not impact Google Search. Fire that team.More examples of lighthouse UA sniffing that is actually making things slower: pic.twitter.com/G9VkN9ccOx— Colin Bendell (@colinbendell) August 26, 2021 Google has actually frequently downplayed Lighthouse metrics for SEO over the years. Theyve created such hysteria with their CWV upgrade that site owners are rushing to get an ideal Lighthouse scores in order to remain relevant, and so far these shady “SEO” tools appear to be working …– Miriam Schwab (@miriamschwab) August 29, 2021 Malte Ubl is a Googler: Most SEOs do not understand the lighthouse ratings do not directly relate to your page speed ratings even prior to the page experience roll out.