Googles John Mueller stated that in some cases Google can deal with a big list building form or call-to-action as an ad if the content on the page is not on the same topic as what is in the lead gen type or CTA. And when that takes place, Google might say there is an advertisement lowering the primary content of the page and hence it may be affected by the old page design algorithm.John said this when asked about it a the 11:00 mark into this past Fridays video. Here is the embed: Here was the concern from Alistair Knight: I was simply questioning and I think youve discussed this before recently that you understand the content, the main material needs to be sort of above the fold. Would this like lead generation kind effect SEO in any way? Because if we scroll down, its a post about the supreme guide to phone system costs and at the top here theres simply a sort of lead generator kind where people can compare telephone system prices. Would that effect SEO?Here is Johns answer: I do not understand. My guess is probably not significantly. What impact may enter into play is our algorithms do search for things like advertisements above the fold that kind of push the primary content down below the fold. And its possible that we would believe a lead gen type like that would be sort of like an advertisement. I dont think it would constantly be the case. And it sort of also depends on what that page is attempting to rank for. If its basically a page thats attempting to rank for its like, I do not understand, get automobile insurance coverage and the kind is about like sign up for car insurance then like thats sort of the intent of the page. If the intent of the page is like find out more about why oranges grow and then you have cars and truck insurance coverage for them on top, then that appears more like an ad. Here is how Glenn Gabe summed it up on Twitter: E.g. if a page is about discovering cars and truck insurance & & the CTA is for registering for cars and truck insurance coverage, then that makes more sense. If the page is about learning X topic, however there are CTAs for finding automobile insurance at the top, then that can be seen as an ad:— Glenn Gabe (@glenngabe) September 12, 2021 Forum conversation at Twitter.