Did you understand that the buttons or categories Google reveals at the top of some knowledge panels are inquiry dependent? Suggesting that the classifications and the order Google puts the buttons can dynamically alter based upon the inquiry the searcher participated in Google Search.I am truthfully unsure if this is new, I feel it is not, but Mordy Oberstein pointed it out on Twitter recently and I think it is worthy of to be highlighted. I know the search bar vertical search alternatives can change in Google Search based on the question, that is very old. So it makes good sense Google does it here and other places.Here is a screenshot demonstrating how if you include “evaluations” to the query it shows the “reviews” category button much greater up in the list of buttons: See, you see the “evaluations” button in position two, however in the first query without the word “evaluations” it doesnt show that button till position 5 or 6 I believe. You would require to scroll through it by pulling them left to right.BTW – when you click “see all” here nothing various really happens- its the same specific outcomes and format pic.twitter.com/4QczahNuxa— Mordy Oberstein (@MordyOberstein) September 22, 2021 Forum conversation at Twitter.