I believe among the most browsed on phrases at Google.com is the term [Google] Well, the primary browsed on expression at Bing.com, Microsofts popular search engine, is also [Google] I think that should not be a big surprise but I do question the number of people type [Bing] into Google.com. I bet not that lots of … These information originated from a court file found and reported on by Bloomberg. Google is the most browsed term on Bing “without a doubt” according to this court file. “We have submitted proof revealing that the most typical search query on Bing is without a doubt Google,” Alfonso Lamadrid, a legal representative for the Alphabet Inc. unit, said at the EUs General Court in Luxembourg. Google is using this in their case over their $5 billion fine in the EU to say individuals choose to go to Google, even by going to Bing and looking for Google. “People use Google due to the fact that they select to, not because they are required to,” Lamadrid stated. “Googles market share in general search follows consumer surveys showing that 95% of users choose Google to rival online search engine.”This advises me of the first time I saw someone go to Google.com and look for Google to get to Google – I was mind blown. This remained in 2004, so almost 20 years ago.Forum conversation at WebmasterWorld.