Google posted a new task opening to end up being a spam fighter at the business. The task title is a Search Quality Analyst and it appears to be an in-person task at the GooglePlex in Mountain View, California.Danny Sullivan, the Google Search Liaison published this listing on Twitter and wrote “Looking for an amazing job fighting spam in Google search results page? Theres a position open that were hiring in the meantime.”
Former Googler, Pedro Dias, had this task in the past and he stated “This was one of the most enjoyable tasks I had back in the day.”The task description states: As a Search Quality Analyst, you will be working to determine and prevent inorganic user behavior through enforcement and advancement of our webmaster guidelines. In addition, you will work carefully with engineers and other analysts to introduce algorithms and lead efforts that enhance the total search experience.In this role, you will work with search, consistently work on scalability, and storage services, applications, and platforms for developers.This is your possibility to penalize all your competitors in Google Search – all right, simply kidding.You can find out more over here.Forum discussion at Twitter.