On Friday, Googles John Mueller announced Google is eliminating the due date for websites to change over to mobile-first indexing. Some sites just cant move over yet and Google wont force them by providing a deadline that it will continue to press off.Google composed “after evaluating the websites that are not yet indexed mobile-first, weve determined that some of these websites are still not all set to be shifted over due to numerous, unforeseen challenges that theyre dealing with. Since of these problems, weve chosen to leave the timeline open for the last actions of mobile-first indexing.”In May we reported that mobile very first indexing switch was refrained from doing yet and then in March we reported that Google was going to move over the last batch of sites to mobile very first indexing quickly. This was after moving the mobile very first indexing due date from September 2020 to March 2021. Well, Google is still refrained from doing moving some websites to mobile-first indexing, even at the end of November 2021. John Mueller wrote “earlier, we believed that we might complete the relocation to mobile-first indexing by March 2021.” Google said that “some sites were dealing with all of a sudden difficult difficulties and we wished to accommodate their timelines.” Because of this, Google stated it currently wont “have a specific final date for the move to mobile-first indexing and wish to be thoughtful about the remaining larger steps in that direction.”So the deadline is gone – no more!I presume the remaining websites have a lot of issues moving and Google could not motivate those websites to move. Google said it will “slowly to move those remaining websites over. We will not be able to notify it of a pending switch to mobile-first indexing if a site is not confirmed in Search Console.”This procedure began 5 years earlier and is still not done – beautiful remarkable. In March 2020, Google said about 70% of websites have actually been moved but we have actually not had an upgrade on that figure in a long time. I presume none of you have websites, that you care about, not yet relocated to mobile-first indexing?Forum conversation at Twitter.