So now there are some SEOs asking if it makes good sense for you to replace your HTML title tag with the title Google selected to reveal in the Google search results page. John Mueller from Google said no, do not simply do that blindly – if it makes things much better for your users, sure but do not presume Googles algorithms are best here.John said “even if one algorithm chooses something as a title does not imply its a much better title.” “There are certainly likewise scenarios where maybe Googles algorithms choose the a worse title and where you want to keep the one that you had there,” John added.Here was the concern: We questioned if we altered the page title tag to match what Google is now dynamically choosing in the HTML would this negatively affect SEO? Eventually we wish to know if the HTML title tag would still add SEO benefit even if it was not being selected for display.Now, we understand this title change does not impact rankings. John responded: I believe we touched upon this briefly its it still matters the title tag still works for ranking purposes. Changing it to what Google has actually chosen from my perspective doesnt automatically make sense because even if one algorithm selects something as a title doesnt suggest its a better title. However perhaps there are cases where Googles algorithms have selected a better title and where it makes good sense to type of go in that instructions. However there are definitely likewise situations where possibly Googles algorithms pick the a worse title and where you want to keep the one that you had there or perhaps you even desire to improve the one that you had formerly. I would not simply blindly utilize what we show in search and say thats got to be the finest title since Googles algorithms know everything much better. And its not the case that Googles algorithms understand everything better.Here is the video embed: Forum discussion at YouTube Community.