So I wrote this quite deep dive into how Google uses AI in Google Search at Search Engine Land, and Google published a shorter variation on their blog. I observed after that, some folks were saying that Google uses MUM for search rankings. Fact is, Google uses MUM for only 2 things in search, COVID vaccine names and a related subjects in videos results feature – that is it. Google does not utilize MUM for ranking or enhancing search quality, Google reiterated to me when I interviewed them for the AI story. Now, the confusion I think originates from Google and in some talks given by Googlers that may have misspoke however believe me, I asked this concern numerous times and it is in the main article, Google is not using MUM for ranking. Sure, this can change and I dont know if you keep in mind, Danny Sullivan of Google told us that Google will let us know when they utilize MUM in search – but that has not yet come yet.Google told me “MUM is not currently utilized for ranking functions, it is presently only utilized for COVID vaccine identifying and powers the associated subjects in videos results.” Googles Pandu Nayak, a Google Fellow and Vice President of Google Search, wrote on the Google blog site “MUM is not presently used to assist rank and enhance the quality of search engine result like RankBrain, neural matching and BERT systems do.” He added “when theyre deployed, theyll sign up with the chorus of systems that run together to make Search helpful,” but they are not deployed yet.Here is how Google utilizes MUM today: COVID-19 vaccines naming: Related subjects in videos results: That is all – really. MUM is not used anywhere else. But when it does get utilized in more places, trust me, we will let you know.Forum discussion at Twitter.