Google has actually upgraded the Google Business Profiles Get Reviews help record to clearly say that having a mix of favorable and negative reviews are more reliable, than I think just all favorable reviews. Joy Hawkins found this and published on Twitter stating “I understand countless research studies have shown this however its great to see Google acknowledge it too.”Here is the new line that was added to the document:”Value all evaluations: Reviews are helpful for possible customers when theyre unbiased and truthful. Customers discover a mix of negative and favorable reviews more trustworthy. You can always react to an evaluation to reveal the consumers that you care and offer additional context. You can ask for to remove it if the evaluation doesnt follow our publishing guidelines.”The Wayback Machine does not have that line in the October picture of that web page.Google is stating it values “all reviews” both unfavorable and positive. It is going as far as stating if there is a strange or abnormal level of favorable versus negative evaluations, Google might not consider it trusted? Possibly having some negative reviews sprayed in, isnt so bad – regardless of it possibly injuring the owners ego?Forum discussion at Twitter.