Ben Fisher spotted Google showing not just one local based screened advertisement but two screened advertisements in the regional listings. And Andy Simpson identified Google revealing a scrollable evaluations carousel in the local pack (that last one is not 100% new). Here is a screenshot where Ben Fisher published on Twitter that he found two local evaluated advertisements. He said “On Android, search “Car Accident Lawyer New York” – you will see 2 LSA Ads, scroll down to the GMB list, click more organizations, now you will see TWO LSA Google Screened ads!”I believe that is brand-new. What is partly brand-new is how Andy Simpson responded, stating he spotted evaluations you can scroll through in a carousel. That we found in December 2019 however not in a regional outcomes noting, however rather in a local understanding panel for a single organization listing. Here is Andys screencast of it: Tried your example Ben, have you ever seen reviews revealed like this? #localseo @keyserholiday @BubblesUp & #x 1f9d0;— Andy Simpson (@ndyjsimpson) October 7, 2021 Forum discussion at Twitter.