Googles John Mueller stated that even if some material may be behind a paywall, it does not mean Google sees that content as thin material. Google permits content paywalls and will reveal them as much as it shows content not behind paywalls. No, Google does not instantly treat paywalled content as thin content.This is the tweet on Twitter: Content behind paywalls is not immediately thin, and people can pick different ways to monetize their sites.– & #x 1f34c; John & #x 1f34c; (@JohnMu) August 30, 2021 Why would someone think paywalled material is thin? Well, generally when you hit a piece of content that is paywalled, you might see a paragraph or 2 of the entire post. So perhaps individuals think that is all that exists and that it certifies as thin material? In any case, word count is not utilized by Google: We do not utilize word count.– & #x 1f34c; John & #x 1f34c; (@JohnMu) August 30, 2021 Forum discussion at Twitter.