Google has verified it is officially testing putting emojis in some search advertisements. Darcy Burk from Burk Digital Factory spotted a pizza emoji on a search ad for Uber Eats and posted the screenshot on Twitter. Ginny Marvin of Google on the Ads Liaison Twitter account confirmed Google is checking placing emojis in some search ads.Update, this was an emoji utilized for a favicon that caused this, more information listed below: Here is a screenshot: Ginny Marvin said “this belongs to a series of small experiments to assist users more easily determine the brand name or advertiser associated with the Search advertisements they might see for an offered query.” Just to provide you some history here, this protests Googles advertisement policies – to have emojis in the advertisements. But I guess Google thinks it is worth testing out. Google advertisements had emojis in 2020, 2019, 2017 and 2016 but in all those cases, it was not Google including them – here Google is adding them to the ads.Forum conversation at Twitter.Update: This was an emoji utilized as a favicon, so favicons are technically alright … Favicon. See the advertisement listed below. Google is using the default globe icon that is utilized when no favicon is set.– Darcy (@darcyburk) January 26, 2022