If you have a great deal of links to your website, however a few of those links are indicating pages that no longer exist and serve a 404 not found status code – those links technically are not helping or harming your website in Google Search. John Mueller of Google said on Twitter if “link goes nowhere, so we drop it.”John explained this as if “you advise something that doesnt exist any longer, its truly a helpful recommendation, right?” Same thing with links, if Google finds links that result in something that no longer exists, is that a beneficial recommendation? The answer is no and Google does not count them.Here are those tweets: The link goes no place, so we drop it. If you recommend something that doesnt exist anymore, its really an useful recommendation, right?– & #x 1f9c0; John & #x 1f9c0; (@JohnMu) November 18, 2021 This is not brand-new, Google stated links to 404s dont hurt your, even soft 404s – it is something we covered a lot here.Can you repair the link after?If they also altered all the reasons those URLs were found in the very first location (eg fixed the links), sure.– & #x 1f9c0; John & #x 1f9c0; (@JohnMu) November 18, 2021 If youve changed the links & & the redirects have been in location for a while, we have little need to examine the old URLs (no links to them), so you d likewise see little traffic to them in your logs, which is a good indication that perhaps the redirects arent required anymore.– & #x 1f9c0; John & #x 1f9c0; (@JohnMu) November 18, 2021 Forum conversation at Twitter.