Google Clouds website is having actually issues being indexed in Google Search, specifically the translated pages. Last week, I reported about a web designer asking about issues with translated content not being indexed by Google. It turned out that this was someone from the Google Cloud group asking John Mueller of Google for help.The way the Google Cloud equated pages work is that they put translated pages on a URL pattern like or or and so on. As I described in my story from last week, you might end up complicated Google when you have “garbage” criteria tracking in your URLs, espesially when it comes to translated content parameters.It is rather amusing to see someone at Google ask somebody else at Google for aid with Google Search. The Google Cloud team, like any external SEO, published a thread in the Google Search Central Help forums asking for help on this concern. The webmaster likewise went into a Google Search Central hangout with John Mueller for more suggestions. No, they did not call John on his landline (like he has one …) or schedule a one on one Google Meet with John – they asked for SEO assist like any external SEO would. As a pointer, this has come up prior to and Google says they are more stringent with their internal SEOs than random external SEOs.You can read the thread at the Google Search Central Help forums about the particular concern and then enjoy this video embed to see how John responded to it all: No special treatment … Forum discussion at Google Search Central Help.