Googles John Mueller said in among his #AskGooglebot short video responses that changing your WordPress theme can straight impact your rankings in Google Search. It obviously depends upon what is changing with the site when you alter the theme, however in basic, it can impact your Google rankings.Here is the video: John first said that typically when it comes to site styles, it is often more than simply a splash of color on your web site. Typically, the style can affect how: Content is shown including, headings, text and images
Internal linking and the site navigation
Page load time and speed
Content choices
Structured information useJohn Mueller said a great style can make it simpler for Google and other search engines to understand your site. So altering your theme can impact your rankings.John then provided some tips on how to see if altering a style effect your rankings at a high level, so view the video.Forum conversation at Twitter.Note: This was pre-written and scheduled to be published today, I am currently offline for Yom Kippur.