If the button quality is treated like a link quality, Googles John Mueller was asked. The answer was an easy, “no.” John said on Twitter “buttons arent links and dont inherently have urls connected to actions, so we wouldnt utilize them for crawling or otherwise.”Yes, there is a button tag or quality, but it is CSS styling quality. You can have a link characteristic around it, and Google will then get the link. However you can also use a button attribute without a link and thus, there is no link for Google to crawl or for link signal purposes.Seems straight forward … Here are those tweets: Buttons arent links and dont naturally have actually urls connected to actions, so we wouldnt use them for crawling or otherwise.– & #x 1f9c0; John & #x 1f9c0; (@JohnMu) October 15, 2021 Forum conversation at Twitter.