Google Analytics had a bug that resulted in about an hour of lost data on October 18th. That data is unrecoverable and you ought to note, maybe with an annotation, that there was a glitch resulting in less information being collected by Google Analytics.Many of us saw the problem when looking at the genuine time Google Analytics control panel on October 18th, I even tweeted about it: Yes – @googleanalytics real time reports appear to be having a hard time right now – I am sure the team is working on it– Barry Schwartz (@rustybrick) October 18, 2021 Daniel J. Pinna saw the information appeared to have not been backfilled so he followed up with Google who told him that the data is lost in between 7:27 am and 8:30 am PDT on October 18, 2021. Any information sent to Google Analytics from 7:27 am and 8:30 am PDT on October 18, 2021 was not collected and is for that reason not provide in Analytics reporting.
Multiple Google Analytics accounts have been affected due to this periodic technical issue.However, Im happy to inform you that the issue has actually been dealt with and your reporting is now up and running. There is no additional action needed from you.Our team would like to truly excuse the inconvenience caused by the short-lived outage. I extremely appreciate your time and persistence while our group worked on this issue.Additional Information: Any data submitted during that period is lost permanently and can not be recuperated with reprocessing considering that it was dropped by Collection.The problem with Google Analytics has been solved. We excuse the inconvenience and thank you for your persistence and continued support.Collection of all Google Analytics data was disrupted throughout this incident and is not available. Affects on reporting and linked products are under assessment.I hope this email assists you in dealing with the inquiry. In the meantime, if you have further concerns do not hesitate to contact us or respond to this e-mail thread and we will be happy to help you.Well heres our answer.Data sent to Google Analytics from 7:27 am and 8:30 am PDT on October 18, 2021 was not gathered and is therefore not present in Analytics reporting. Due to the fact that this occurred at the collection level, data can not be restored through reprocessing or any other technique.— Daniel J. Pinna (@djpinna) October 19, 2021 He likewise published this information at WebmasterWorld.So if you see an odd data void glitch in your Google Analytics reporting on October 18th – that is why.Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld and Twitter.