Google validated that there is a bug with AMP URLs not dealing with Google Search with iOS 15. If youve updated your iOS device, iPhone or iPad to iOS and click a link from Google Search – you wont be required to the AMP URL, if there is one. Not at least up until Google repairs it on their end.Danny Sullivan of Google confirmed this issue on Twitter stating “its a bug particular to iOS 15 that were dealing with. We expect it will be resolved quickly.”For example, this site has AMP URLs and also a mobile app – prior to this bug, when you click a search engine result in Google to this site, it would load the AMP page. Now, given that the AMP URLs are not operating in iOS 15, it takes you to my mobile app (which I actually choose). Here is a GIF of this in action: Ewdison Then was the first individual I saw spot this and he published about this on Twitter a couple of days ago: Anyone else notifications that Google isnt serving AMP on the outcomes when utilizing iOS 15 iPhone safari? It still serves amp pages from google results on iOS chrome. @rustybrick @glenngabe #seo #google– Ewdison Then (@ewdi) October 1, 2021 Jeff Johnson, an iOS designer, composed this up in more information over here and Danny Sullivan reacted to his tweet: Its a bug particular to iOS 15 that were working on. We anticipate it will be solved quickly.– Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) October 6, 2021 I do not think this is a big problem for website owners but simply an FYI.Forum discussion at Twitter.