Google revealed that it is closing down the AdSense Matched material advertisement system types beginning on March 1, 2022. This is because of “reducing use of the content promotion service” and “positive customer feedback and performance outcomes from the ads-only Matched material ad format,” Google said.Google AdSense Matched Content units launched in April 2015 as complimentary suggestion service that uses you a simple way to promote your content to your website visitors. It allowed you to embed a widget on your pages that looks at the material relevancy of your websites and after that shows relevant short articles or pages from your web site in the widget box. Matched content recommendations are based upon topic similarity and are personalized for the reader. Here is what the widget appeared like: Well, it is disappearing and that implies if you not do anything, Google will change your Matched Content units with ad units. This likewise applies to Matched content systems that have the “Monetize with Ads” choice turned off.If you not do anything all of your Matched content systems to only show ads starting March 1, 2022. If you do not want that, then you require to remove the Matched content code from your pages prior to this modification takes place, Google said.Along with this change, here are other things you need to understand: Rebranding Matched material to “Multiplex ads”, to align with the ad format thats available on Google Ad Manager.
Getting rid of the eligibility constraints that presently use to Matched material. The brand-new format will be readily available to all AdSense publishers.
Eliminating the Sites and then Matched content page from the AdSense user interface.
Updating the Matched material unit editor to show the brand-new ads-only format.
(Lab participants only) Turning off the ads-only Matched content AdSense Lab and marking it as retired.Forum conversation at Twitter.