Google AdSense has actually added 3 new settings to Auto optimize feature in your optimization experiments. These brand-new approaches consist of choose traffic, obstruct a design and obstruct an experiment.( 1) Select traffic: This setting lets you select the percentage of your users that you wish to reveal optimization experiments to. For AdSense for material, Google recommends picking a minimum of 50% of your traffic. For AdSense for search, Google recommends selecting at least 5% of your traffic.( 2) Block a design (AdSense for search only): You can use this setting to remove an advertisement design that you dont want Auto enhance experiments to operate on. ( 3) Block an experiment: You can use this setting to remove kinds of optimization experiments that you do not desire on your site, for instance:
Vignette ads and anchor advertisements (AdSense for material).
Requirement templates, shopping templates, and search keywords (AdSense for search) You can discover more over here.Forum discussion at Twitter.