Steve Plimmer published a screenshot from the Google Ads consoles modification history log demonstrating how Google has named the RSAs, response search advertisements, versatile text advertisements. It makes you question if Google will rename RSA responsive search ads to VTA flexible text advertisements or if this is simply how Google originally named it internally and give up to get rid of some references?He shared this screenshot on Twitter and wrote “on the basis of examining the change history data in Google Ads, it looks like RSAs are going to be renamed “Versatile Text Ads” soon.”I presume it is simply an old tradition name for this type of ad?Interesting, but no the account Im taking a look at in the screenshot remains in the US. Its totally possible they wont be renamed however this is normally how changes emerge prior to or instead of public announcements.– Steve Plimmer (@StevePlimmer) January 7, 2022 I dont anticipate them to drop the RSA name … Forum discussion at Twitter.