Google Ads is evaluating a new function for the worldwide website tag that can be configured to automatically gather user information. Dario Zannoni spotted this and wrote on Twitter “Global Site Tag can now automatically gather the information that the user submits on the website (like e-mail and telephone). This appears to provide the very same result of Enhanced Conversions.”Here is the screen shot Dario shared: The worldwide website tag, according to the help document, “works in unison with another piece of code, an event bit or a phone snippet, to track your conversions.” Google included “you can utilize the international website tag to track your Google Ads conversions. Youll see a worldwide website tag rather of the previous conversion tracking tag when you produce a site conversion action in the new Google Ads experience.”Dario said that “automatic data collection appears to be one further step to use user offered information for tracking and attribution, with cookies disappearing.” The automated collection is just with Google Global Site Tag gtag.js, “so it is not readily available when using standard tag implementation via GTM,” Google Tag Manager, Dario added.That is as much as we understand right now, George Nguyen covered this likewise at Search Engine Land.About the information availability, it is not clear yet. I couldnt find any extra documents. Ive simply seen discovered this choice the other day, we will see what takes place, however I guess nearly no details offered to us, likewise to Enhanced CVs– Dario Zannoni (@DarioZannoni) February 5, 2022 Forum conversation at Twitter.