Google Ads, starting on December 1, 2021 and scaling up enforcement by January 2022, will see its raunchy content policy violations upgraded to outright policy violations. That suggests advertisements that are discovered to violate the sexually specific policy can result in immediate account suspension upon detection and without previous warning.The statement stated “in December 2021, Google Ads raunchy content policy offenses will be upgraded to egregious policy offenses.” The “outright policy violations lead to account suspension upon detection and without previous caution.” Google said it will begin implementing the policy upgrade on December 1, 2021, with complete enforcement increase over roughly 4 weeks so that by January 2022, it will be in full enforcement with the new policy.Google said “we take offenses of the raunchy content policy extremely seriously and will consider them outright according to the timeline set out in this modification log. If we find infractions of this policy, we will suspend your Google Ads accounts upon detection and without previous warning, and you will not be permitted to advertise with us again.”An outright violation of the Google Ads policies is a violation so severe that it is unlawful or positions significant harm to our users. In determining whether an advertiser or location is breaking this policy, Google may examine info from numerous sources including your advertisement, site, accounts, and third-party sources. If Google discovers infractions of this policy, Google will suspend your Google Ads accounts upon detection and without prior caution, and you will not be enabled to market with us once again. If you think theres been an error, which you havent broken our policy, send an appeal and discuss why. Google will only restore accounts in compelling circumstances, and when there is great factor so its important that you make the effort to be extensive, precise, and sincere, Google said.Forum conversation at Twitter.