Google revealed a new tool to help you import your offline conversion data into Google Ads. Yes, this is about giving Google your first-party information so you can do much better targeting and to assist you measure your offline conversions.The tool is at and this tool helps you take your first party data and import it into Google to assist you determine your offline conversions. To help you with this conversion import procedure, we launched the OCI assistant tool to support you with in-depth steps and project management guidance.Google asks you to answer some questions to confirm your accounts compatibility, tracking options, lead-to-sales journey, and the team who will help you with implementation.Once you have assigned group members for each function in the process, OCI assistant tool will help them at each action, providing comprehensive directions and prompt email notifications when its their turn to act.A centralized control panel can help you to keep track of your existing development, helping to minimize the back-and-forth between your group and keep everything on track.