Google announced that image extensions for Google Ads is presenting to desktop advertisements now. Keep in mind, it introduced for mobile search advertisements in May 2021. Google Ads image extensions now supports vibrant image extensions for any language and you can utilize stock images as well for these image ad extensions.Google said image extensions match your Search advertisement with appropriate visuals of your items and services. “Previously, image extensions only showed on mobile phones,” Google said. Google will soon reveal them on desktop gadgets in the next few weeks. If you are already utilizing image extensions on mobile Google stated they will reveal on desktop devices immediately as the upgrade present. Here is what they appear like: You can view your desktop device performance by segmenting your performance information by “Device”. This upgrade uses to dynamic image extensions also, Google said.Talking about vibrant image extensions, vibrant image extensions now work any language. Previously, vibrant image extensions were only available in English and now, they are readily available for all languages.And you can now use stock images for your image extensions, by choosing from a searchable library of stock images that are complimentary to use in Google Ads. Google stated you can see these by choosing the “Stock Images” option when youre asked to select an image for your image extension. Once youve discovered an image you like, you can crop it to a square or landscape format in Google Ads before you apply it to your extension.Forum discussion at Twitter.