Did you understand that you can reach the maximum variety of permitted appeals for your Google Ads? Eric Heiken posted about it on Twitter and asked “Google Ads has a maximum limit of appeals. Its unclear if this is an irreversible limitation or if theres a cool-down period.”He did not get an action to his concern yet, however there does appear to be a limit and it is unclear how numerous appeals one can submit and how it is enforced.Here is his tweet: Apparently Google Ads has a maximum limit of appeals. Its uncertain if this is a long-term limit or if theres a cool-down period. Any concepts, @GinnyMarvin @adsliaison? #ppcchat pic.twitter.com/NGVDuHJdaX— Eric Heiken (@EricHeiken) October 28, 2021 The Google aid docs state that “if you submit the exact same appeal too many times, you might see the status Exceeded appeal retry-limit in the Appeals History tab within Policy Manager.” Google stated when you get that, “Exceeded appeal retry-limit: You submitted the very same appeal too many times, then you need to contact consumer assistance for assistance with filing a brand-new appeal.”It does appear like Eric did call customer assistance who informed him he reached his limit in the variety of appeals.Do you understand more about these limits?Forum conversation at Twitter.