Google, the other week, announced a new basic Python script that lets marketers with lots of keywords and advertisements simplify the tracking and elimination of ad violations that may lead to more major penalties with Googles three strikes and youre out policy.Google Ads has actually instituted a new three-strikes and youre out policy beginning in September 2021 where Google can issue a caution and then up to three-strikes for infractions of Googles Enabling Dishonest Behavior, Unapproved Substances and Dangerous Products or Services policies.” The “3 Strike Bowling” is an automated service which recognizes and gathers all relevant disapproved apps and consists of the option to remove breaching ads, in order to make sure compliance and avoid account suspension, Google stated You can define an exemption list of policy topics to neglect and not eliminate.
“Remove Mode” – delete all the disapproved advertisements and log the disapproved advertisements details.Google said it would take about two hours for a developer to implement, so it may be worth doing if you can prevent account suspension. You can discover more over here.Forum discussion at Twitter.