Google had actually included a brand-new section to the Google Discover assist files around markup you can use to define your RSS feed for Chrome to use for the “follow” feature. In May, Google Chrome revealed an RSS reader like function for Chrome named Follow.In the new section in the help docs Google explains the function and informs us how to enhance the site for it, the guidelines and how to deal with several feeds. The Chrome Follow feature lets individuals follow a website and get the most current updates from that site in the Following tab within Discover in Chrome. This is being called the brand-new Google Reader, however it is far from Google Reader, to be truthful. Currently, the Follow button is a speculative function thats available to some users in English in the US that are using Chrome Android Beta.Here is what it appears like: By default, the Follow function uses RSS or Atom feeds on your website. If you dont have an RSS or Atom feed on your site, Google instantly creates a feed for your whole domain based upon our view of your site. If you have one or more feeds upon your site, you can optimize your Follow experience by explicitly informing Google which feed you want individuals to follow for a given page on your site.Here are the Follow function RSS standards: Dont obstruct your feed with your robots.txt file.
Ensure that your feed is current, like you would for sitemap files.
You can host your feed somewhere aside from your domain; Google supports this.
If you redirect your feed, use a 3xx (redirects) HTTP status code so that Google can follow it.So check out those docs if you want to make certain individuals see the right feed from your site.Forum conversation at Twitter.