By default, links are followed by search spiders and pass the link juice to the pages they refer to, but when the nofollow characteristic value is defined, this default habits doesnt apply.So, what does it imply to nofollow a link and when should you do so? What is a dofollow link?What may be called a dofollow link, or followed link, is, in truth, just a regular link. To clear this up, lets have a look at how a link looks like in the code:<< a href="">> what your link is about< < a rel="nofollow" href="">> what your link is about< Here,<< a> > is a link tag that consists of the link itself, its anchor text, and all guidelines implied for ithref is a link attribute that specifies the URLrel is a link quality that defines the relationship between the source page and the connected pagenofollow is a worth of the rel quality that tells search engines not to follow the linkThe initially example is a followed, regular link, and the 2nd example is a nofollowed link. The algorithm has actually altered, as well as the way SEOs approach link acquisition, but the main thing about links stays the very same: getting high-quality external sources to link out to you will increase your rankings.How do dofollow backlinks assist rankings?When we talk about link worth for rankings, we usually imply backlinks, the links you get for your website from external sources. Heres how it looks like: And heres how followed links are highlighted by External Followed Link Highlighter: Some more complicated extensions not just highlight the linked sources but create a report with backlink and domain criteria.