J Turnbull published a poll on Twitter asking SEOs if COVID altered how you do SEO. Like any SEO survey, the outcomes were rather blended. Of the 259 actions (not a ton), 52.5% stated no, COVID did not alter how they do SEO.21.6% said COVID did alter how they do SEO and 22% said “it depends.”:)Here is the tweet: We have now remained in some form of lockdown since March 2020. I would grateful if you can answer the survey to the question:”Did Covid alter how we do SEO?:– J Turnbull (@SEOJoBlogs) August 12, 2021 There were some new structured information changes around COVID, that may use here. Like curbside, stock changes, medical information, and a lots of changes with Google My Business. That may use on the technical changes front.On the service side, I have to imagine SEOs were impacted in some methods related to COVID. Some lost customers, some acquired big budget plans and some lost. Now, individuals are handling employee shortages.Forum discussion at Twitter.