A couple of months back, Aleyda Solis published a thread on Twitter (I was waiting for a sluggish week to post it here) asking “whats the most counterintuitive SEO recommendation/implementation youve done that actually made sense in the context you were working and paid off as you expected?”The thread is a good read and consist of these counterproductive SEO applications and suggestions: Very little content on e-commerce category pages.
Eliminated a footer link that was pointing back to the web page with exact same target anchor text on over 100M pages.
Left 1000s of meta descriptions blank to prioritize time somewhere else (important tech fixes).
Agency recommended the combination of similar short articles into a single short article … Turns out traffic fell through the floor for all the keywords they formerly ranked for …
Increased page speed by including bigger images + eliminated depth of material = big ranking boost.
Added relatively generic stock images to short articles. Articles got slower. Web traffic (unique of image traffic) increased in 90% of the sample.
Remove hreflang tags and Google is most likely to find out which country/lang URLs to reveal.
I encouraged to erase around 5 years of news short articles and all pages on level 4 of the website. WorkedAnd there is a lot more – these are fun and deserving of a read, so click through to the Twitter post to scan through all the reactions, I only posted a few of them above … I will include in upcoming piece to going through how all or many in SEO “depends” on the context, and why we shouldnt rules of thumbs blindly as a repercussion (which ends up being a typical obstacle when dealing with staff member who have had some SEO direct exposure)– Aleyda Solis & #x 1f469; & #x 1f3fb; & #x 200d; & #x 1f4bb; (@aleyda) November 2, 2021 Forum discussion at Twitter.