Googles beta variation of Chrome is checking 2 brand-new search features; one is side by side search and the other is Journeys. Journeys is being checked in Chrome Canary on desktop and the side panel on the Chrome OS Dev channel.Google revealed it there but I likewise covered it last week at Search Engine Land.Side by Side SearchChrome is evaluating a new side panel in the Chrome OS Dev channel, that lets you see a page and the search results at the very same time. This lets you see a page right in your primary browser window without needing to browse back and forth or losing your search results page. “The goal of this experiment is to check out how Chrome can much better help users quickly compare outcomes,” Google wrote.Here is what it looks like: To open the side panel and view the outcomes, click on the G icon beside the search bar. And if youve found what youre searching for or dont wish to see the results any more, you can close the panel at any time. JourneysJourneys will cluster all the pages youve visited associated to your previous browsing history so you can easily view them without having to sort through your browsing history. Youll also see associated search suggestions so you can continue your browsing right there. It resembles a boosted browser history. Google composed “Importantly, youre in control of your Journeys experience. : you can turn off Journeys at any time, and as constantly, you can easily clear your searching history right from your Chrome settings, or by typing “clear surfing information” into the address bar. You can likewise clear history thats associated to a particular journey vs. your history overall if you d like. Finally, the existing Journeys experiment only groups history on your gadget– nothing is saved to your Google account. Based upon user feedback and interest, future versions may offer the capability to gain access to Journeys in Chrome across numerous gadgets (much like bookmarks or passwords).”Here is what that appears like: Some of this can cause more look for your or maybe pull your clients away from your website to your rivals. It depends upon if you are a glass half full individual versus glass half empty kind of person.Forum discussion at Twitter.