Google is showing a growing number of vehicles for sales in the local search results page. Saad AK identified it recently and shared a video of it in action and Riley Hope shared more details on how dealers can get their vehicles in these areas. This reminds me of what we saw back in April of last year.It is called Cars for Sale on Google Business Profiles (formerly Google My Business) and you need to complete a form to be consisted of. Google published d details of this over here and composed “Google is piloting a feature to surface cars for sale stock on dealerships Business Profiles. Google users can then browse, filter, and quickly discover more about cars for sale, potentially directing consumers to your dealership. The cars for sale inventory details is supplied by car dealerships or their authorized partners. This program is currently being piloted with a handful of partners and were exploring ways we can work with a wider set of partners in the future to appear the most precise and helpful details for Google users who remain in the market for an automobile. If you are a dealership or a partner who deals with dealerships and have an interest in getting involved in this function, fill out the interest kind.”Here is how the circulation works from the local Google mobile search outcomes: Here is Saad AKs video of how he sees it: Google > > MobileI saw Local Car Listings directly in SERPs.It might be new.Sending to: @rustybrick SIR.— Saad AK (@SaadAlikhan1994) January 5, 2022 I asked some local automobile SEOs about this: This is Cars for Sale feature that dealerships need to register for after getting eligibility: a pilot feature and along the USA coast its pretty precise, seen it a bit for dealerships I deal with throughout the USA. Theyve changed how it looks a few times– riley hope (@reillyhope13) January 5, 2022 Looks like a different display screen layout for VLAs (lorry listing ads) – still in minimal beta– Greg Gifford (@GregGifford) January 5, 2022 So if you do deal with a dealership, you probably desire to make the most of it.Forum conversation at Twitter.