Brave made some big news the other week when it announced it is changing Google Search as the default in its Brave web browser with its own search engine. The important things is, Brave recorded how it does ranking and it really said it uses click data for ranking purposes.Brave recorded a few of what it utilizes in its ranking algorithm, at a higher level. These consist of: How carefully search results page match the search keywords (matching to specific words, parts of words, or synonyms).
How current searches are for those keywords.
How typically a search engine result is clicked for a given keyword.
How popular search keywords are.
What pages are popular or unique.
Which websites only allow crawling by the Google search botDirect Hit, a search engine pre-2000, utilized click data for ranking functions. It didnt really last.You can experiment with Brave Search over at, in order to offer the greatest quality & & most relevant outcomes, Braves Web Discovery Project looks at -> > Search questions, search results page clicks, the URLs of pages checked out in the web browser, time invested on those pages, and some metadata about the pages themselves.”— Glenn Gabe (@glenngabe) October 20, 2021 I question how handy click data is for a search engine like Brave?Google has said for years and years it does not use click information since it discovers it a bad metric for search.Forum conversation at Twitter.