Microsoft announced the company has actually opened the Bing Content Submission API to all for website owners, publishers, and webmasters. Microsoft revealed this over 2 years earlier and while the business launched the URL submission API a while back, the material submission API has actually remained in a private beta ever since. That was up until this previous May when it was opened up as a public beta and after that now it is open to all.As a tip, the URL submission API enables you to only submit URLs for crawling or re-crawling. It is now brand-new and heck, Ive been using the URL submission API here for a while, it works, and works well.The material submission API is different, it was just released openly as a beta yesterday. It not just lets you send URLs however the HTML that accompanies it. This technically stops the requirement for BingBot to access the page and crawl the page to see the material. You just press your URL and material to Bing and it will take it and utilize it in its index. This should save both Bing and your site considerable server resources.You can find out more on how to utilize both these APIs over here.Bing Content Submission API is now available to all webmasters enabling websites to push their most current material and get it indexed at Bing, therefore decreasing the need of Bingbot crawl for websites …— Fabrice Canel (@facan) September 3, 2021 I do question what kind of adoption this API will overcome the URL submission API.I likewise question if Bing knows fully what to anticipate from prospective spammers here, I think so, however we will see. Forum conversation at Twitter.