About 50% of those who responded stated they are not seeing much from this upgrade on the websites they deal with.As a reminder, the November 2021 core upgrade introduced at approximately 11am ET on November 17th. We saw a quite quick change in the Google search results within 48 hours of the announcement and posted (and I keep updating) this in the what were seeing from the November core update story I composed on November 18th.– Marie Haynes (@Marie_Haynes) November 22, 2021 As you can see, it had over 600 votes and the breakdown is (note, the survey is still open for the next 30 minutes or so if you desire to take it):48% said they did not see much
21% said they saw declines
19% stated they saw improvements
As we showed in our what were seeing from the November core upgrade story – those who see changes, see big modifications. Some seeing anywhere from 20% to 90% effect on their Google natural traffic.I do have a story that will be published at 9am at Search Engine Land today with a big report on what several of the information providers are revealing from this update.But after all those slabs, you d anticipate to see some core results – do not ya think?