“The Sell Sider” is a column written by the sell side of the digital media community.Steven Shure has surfed big subscription waves in the past. For 20 years, he led the subscription program for Time Inc. magazines. He joined Amazon as VP of a little task called Prime.
When he joined the search engine start-up Neeva as primary organization officer, he managed numerous Amazon consumer and B2B marketing programs for 15 years until last month.
For Neeva, the attraction is obvious. As soon as more– this time with a search engine the company prepares to provide at roughly $5 per month, the business hopes Shure can catch membership lightning in a bottle.
Getting people to pony up for search, a service theyre accustomed to getting for free, wont be simple. Neeva, in result, requires to invent a new classification: the search engine subscription.
“The typical thread through much of my career is convincing businesses and customers to pay a repeating fee for an excellent item,” Shure told AdExchanger.
Shure is not the only heavy hitter included with Neeva. In addition to CEO and co-founder Sridhar Ramaswamy, who ran the Google Search service for many years, Neevas ranks consist of top search and suggestion item leaders from Chrome, YouTube, Snapchat and Facebook.
AdExchanger talked to Shure about his plan to translate the Neeva vision into a practical service that gathers thousands, or ultimately millions, of month-to-month credit card payments.
AdExchanger: What attracted you to the brand-new function?
SCOTT SHURE: I understood Sridhar Ramaswamy when he was at Google. My groups at Amazon were a few of the biggest Google advertising consumers for numerous years. He and I were reestablished by a mutual friend.
I was taken by Neevas mission, by the chance and by the obstacle.

What is your vision for turning Neeva into a rewarding service?
Im going to provide the high-level answer which, I apologize, is a bit mom-and-apple-pie. My goal is to bring a level of excellence and know-how to the company side to match the item were delivering. The engineering and item team is already well along a path towards supplying the best search experience.
Its an uphill struggle ahead for us, to invent a classification and to teach individuals that theres worth in spending for something that they view as totally free.
You can sign up with Prime, for instance, accept let Amazon charge your charge card and the products start showing up. But Amazon has an existing customer base and charge card and opportunities in the checkout circulation to ask people to attempt Prime. Neeva doesnt have those things.
Neeva also faces a strong existing player with over 90% income share, and whose service design is dead-set versus making it easy for consumers to use other search engines. Were going to need to teach people the value of Neeva and find methods for them to subscribe quickly and commit to the product in a smooth style.
Neeva is still complimentary to use today?
Its complimentary to use, however not without an account.
Exists a method for how to make that shift?
That is one of the core obstacles.
Its a chicken-and-egg issue, since in the fullness of time we will need to charge. And yet we also need to produce a reasonable amount of trial and word of mouth. Just like lots of tech start-ups, theres a difficulty to stroll that great line between permitting individuals to sample your product and growing your user base and impact, and understanding when to shut off or at least reject the spigot to just those who subscribe.
Thats not a really satisfying answer, but I do not have a timeline yet.
Do you imagine revenue streams other than subscriptions?
I believe there will be other income channels, however we will not consider profits channels that are promoting based or de facto marketing. An ecommerce income stream in which Neeva positions links or outcomes higher in the search score for monetary factors rather than consumer factors will not be considered.
As a hypothetical example, would Neeva join a retailer affiliate program?
We will not consider affiliate collaborations. Duration.
What you see when you search on Google are advertisements and affiliate links– and you cant even tell that theyre not natural outcomes.
Neeva will not take part on terms like that. I will not draw the line and say that Neva would not partner with a retailer in some method. There might be methods to form a monetary relationship. Yet that particular design is precisely what Neeva wont do. Neeva will not sell the user as the item to anybody.
Im not believing about that at all right now. Our focus is the membership business and to find out how best to grow the user base and charge clients.
Has Neeva done any advertising itself?
Well be dipping our toe in the water. Were certainly not opposed to it. We require to build this company, and marketing does work. Possibly its paradoxical that Neeva is all about not being constantly marketed to, however that doesnt imply were philosophically versus promoting the products we produce.
People who use search engines can be found on online search engine. People who download applications can be discovered in app shops. These are not surprising realities. Its simply to say that were going to fish where the fish are.
Are there any existing partnership chances you can indicate?
Ive been in a small set of Neeva partnership discussions already, and Im really delighted about these discussions.
They have the feeling of the earliest days of Prime. Its difficult for people to put themselves back in this mindset because of what Amazon is today, but in 2006 everyone was rooting for Amazon. Amazon was this fantastic upstart. And people really rooted for Prime. They wanted to inform their good friends about how transformative it was. This was before the days when Amazon was viewed as this wicked empire.
People loved to approach us about how they might deal with us to enhance Prime, and I get the same sense in the collaboration conversations with Neeva.
Whats Neevas pitch to potential partners?
Lots of business have a complex relationship with Google. They see it largely as an essential evil. Well benefit from having a share of those consumers who do not constantly need to pay a tax in the type of advertising to get users to visit their website. Companies need to buy ads on their own trademark name, for goodness sake.
Businesses will see a world in which there is less market power focused in one place– which this world will be much better for them.
This interview has been modified and condensed.

Neeva doesnt have those things.
Neeva will not get involved on terms like that. That particular design is exactly what Neeva will not do. Neeva will not offer the user as the product to anybody.
Maybe its ironic that Neeva is all about not being continuously marketed to, however that does not suggest were philosophically against marketing the items we produce.