Landing-page professional Unbounce is purchasing attribution and analytics software application supplier LeadsRx in a bid to assist its SMB customers increase the quality and volume of their conversions.
Regards to the offer, revealed on Wednesday, were not divulged, however Unbounce is a much larger business. Unbounce has more than 250 employees, while LeadsRx has a headcount of 21.
For the time being, LeadsRx, whose 5,000 generally midsize and enterprise consumers consist of iHeartMedia, Casper and Rakuten, will continue to run as an independent entity. The businesss CEO and founder, AJ Brown, will remain on as CEO, reporting to Unbounces president, Felicia Bochicchio.
The reasoning behind the offer is to give small and midsized online marketers the capability to find out which channel or mix of channels have the finest possibility of causing a conversion.

Unbounce, which has approximately 100,000 SMB consumers, uses a suite of landing-page optimization tools to assist with design, copy and design, together with an AI-powered tool that gives marketers a sense of who is most likely to visit their landing pages– but it does not yet provide attribution abilities.
And “thats a huge part of what interested us in this deal,” said Tamara Grominsky, chief strategy officer at Unbounce, “along with the concept of quality versus amount” of conversions.
The aim of most landing page technology is to generate as numerous conversions as possible– which is fine. “But every conversion is not equal,” said Grominsky. “We wish to exceed that to get more of your best clients.”
The LeadsRx innovation relies on a homegrown universal tracking pixel comparable to what Google, Facebook and other ad servers offer to position on a site for marketers to gather info. What makes the LeadsRx pixel a little various is that it gets all of the inbound traffic to a site and positions it into a different, isolated identity chart.
” We do not share any cross-domain data, which indicates privacy is maintained,” said Brown.
Among the most typical usage cases for attribution is return on ad invest (ROAS) analysis, said Brown. By dividing revenue by the expense of advertising, the marketer can get a sense of which channels are really producing worth and where to cut media waste.
However a lot of SMBs do not have the bandwidth, budget plan or skillset to do that sort of analysis.
” SMBs are starving for this things in a self-serve way, however its a substantial pain point because they dont have the attribution abilities,” said Brown.
Bringing LeadsRx into the fold will equalize gain access to and make it simple to do something with the data, said Grominsky.
” It needs to be as available as possible to take the insights from marketing attribution to inform the conversion course,” she stated.
But why go the acquisition path rather than continue to partner, which Unbounce and LeadsRx have done for the previous numerous years?
The pandemic was an eye-opener, stated Brown.
” When spending plans get cut, analytics is usually among the very first things to go, but that didnt occur throughout the pandemic– individuals doubled down on their usage, since all of our gut impulses were challenged,” stated Brown. “And we realized that we required to be part of something bigger so that we can assist online marketers utilize analytics a lot more pervasively.”
Unbounce and LeadsRx will take the next 3 months or two to find out a plan for eventually more deeply integrating their solutions and data. For the time being, however, both business will continue to serve their existing particular consumer bases and pipelines.