Opera Ads, the online ad platform released by Norwegian browser maker Opera in 2019, is serving up some self-serve.
On Wednesday, Opera released Opera Ad Manager, a self-serve advertisement platform to purchase inventory on Opera News (not to be puzzled with a publication of the very same name about the real opera) that does not use third-party cookies.
The Opera internet browser accounts for 2% of web browser market share, according to Statcounter. On a regular monthly basis, the Opera browser and news apps reach more than 300 million active users, as in people who actively choose to use Opera items instead of the ones that appear by default on their gadgets, according to Per Wetterdal, EVP of commercial at Opera.
Opera News feed inventory appears in multiple Opera apps, including the Opera Mini internet browser app for Android and the stand-alone Opera News mobile app, which aggregates news from international, US and regional sources and customizes the feed based upon trending subjects, language and classifications of interest.
However users only see ads when theyre engaging with the news content feed and not when theyre searching the web, Wetterdal said.
Advertisers might already buy ads on the Opera News feed as a handled service.

Opera Ads is not to be puzzled with Opera Mediaworks, which stayed as a subsidiary of Otello Corp
. Opera Mediaworks was rebranded as AdColony in 2016, the very same year as the China sale. In February of this year, Digital Turbine purchased AdColony for $400 million.
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In addition to the managed service offering and its brand-new self-serve advertisement network brother or sister, Opera Ads also has a demand-side platform and sell-side platform that offers direct access to its own products– the Opera News app, Opera Mini and the main Opera web browser– however, again, only within the Opera News feed.
The strategy to introduce self-serve access to its ad network was mainly driven by need from medium-sized and small business (SME), Wetterdal stated.
” Digital marketing is an essential advertising channel for SMEs,” he said, “so it is crucial that we offer this really fast-growing segment the required tools to get in touch with our audience.”
Although Opera Advertisement Manager permits advertisers to target by positioning, self-identified user interests, demographics, device type and country/region, third-party cookie targeting is off the table. This is also the case throughout Opera Ads more broadly, Wetterdal said.
Most likely a good choice thinking about how the wind is blowing.
Marketers cant target advertisements utilizing their own first-party data through the self-service platform, although that is a managed service alternative.
The Opera Advertisement Manager technology is being powered by DanAds, a Swedish company that develops customizable self-serve advertisement platforms for publishers, including Bloomberg Media Group, Tripadvisor, Roku and Hearst Magazines.
Opera chose to go the white label path instead of develop in house because it wanted to start as quick as possible.
“We made a strategic transfer to work alongside a tested platform that can scale from day one,” Wetterdal stated.
Because youve got ta strike when the iron is hot, and digital advertising has actually been experiencing hockey stick development.
During Operas 2nd quarter incomes call in August, the company stated that Opera Ads is on track to hit $80 million completely year 2021 revenue, a 50% boost in its everyday revenue run rate for the year.
Opera began trading on the NASDAQ in 2018 after it was offered by moms and dad company Opera Software (now Otello Corporation) to a consortium of Chinese investors 2 years before that.
Opera Ads is not to be confused with Opera Mediaworks, which remained as a subsidiary of Otello Corp
. Opera Mediaworks was rebranded as AdColony in 2016, the very same year as the China sale. In February of this year, Digital Turbine purchased AdColony for $400 million.
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