The landscape for IP-delivered TV ads is a heck of a lot various from digital advertising.
For one, consolidation is happening very slowly, if at all. The number of scaled platforms with huge audiences is crowded and varied and includes Roku, Amazon, Google/YouTube, Disney, NBCU/Peacock, AT&T and Comcast amongst many others.
This week on AdExchanger Talks, Innovid CEO Zvika Netter argues that this fragmentation will continue, a state of affairs he claims will benefit independent ad tech gamers.
” Because TV is an existing environment, with $200 billion in play with great content … its a great world for brands, agencies and customers to have a great deal of choices,” Netter states. “I think the agencies and brand names understand now not to offer excessive power to a single entity, since that will return to bite all of us.”
Netter also enters into Innovids upcoming public offering via SPAC, which is prepared for Q4. He states the company never considered selling, in part since the creators are enjoying themselves too much.
” Were self-dependent, successful [and] growing very fast,” he says. “Were having a good time, which is exceptionally important.”