The last content filter I utilize is most effective after projects have been running a bit and, rather honestly, I wish I would have known about it a very long time ago. It would have saved my eyes some unnecessary injury..

One of the most significant advantages about the Google Display Network can also be among the pain points: its enormous..

Domain Suffixes/Key Phrases:.

In Google Ads, we can omit Topics from campaigns that include anything news associated..

I encourage you to take another technique and make use of a list that our buddy Kirk Williams put together..

That brand-new column will begin filling and then viola! All the meta titles from those pages will reveal up so you can see what a website is all about in their own words..

Essentially, I utilize the filter function in Excel and filter for domain URLs that contain the expressions above, then include all of those websites to a placement exclusion list..

Young children are investing significantly more time on the web than previous generations and rightfully so. Its a crucial part of the world economy and information system, but there are likewise great deals of content outlets particularly designed for kids..

Lucky for us, Clixs own Joe Martinez has actually assembled a list of over 1,400 kids channels you can exclude from your campaigns right away..

Within the Google Display Network, websites are categorized based upon the material they contain. Fortunate for us, Google lets us utilize these classifications as exclusions..

Material Categories:.

This little technique in Google Docs is wonderful for assisting you get a concept of what a site has to do with without necessarily having to visit it..

As we all understand, the internet has some dark corners. Some darker than others. Either way, there are bound to be some sites we understand, from the start, that we do not wish to have our ads shown on simply because of the content they contain.

This is a great location to begin, however its not a complete service..

= importxml( CELL, “”// title/text()”).

Kids YouTube Channels:.

Up until now, weve been adding proactive exclusions, once our projects are live there are bound to be some additional sites you do not want to reveal up on based upon their content alone..

The GDN is huge, there are still methods we can influence where our ads show up. Ideally these content exclusions will get you started down that course and help keep your brands safe from showing up next to less than mouthwatering material..

As I discussed, this is only part one in a two-part series. Next up will be performance filters for these very same auto-placement reports.

Copy/paste your list of URLs from your positioning report into Google Docs. In the column next to the URL, type in this formula:.

News Sites:.

There are two major categories of analysis I do, so Ive created a two-part series. As you can inform by the title, this very first post concentrates on Content Considerations while the second will discuss Performance Reviews. Here we go!

For domains, this might differ depending on your target market, but for a lot of accounts I run, were marketing a United States business to United States and CA audiences and I want those users to be in at least a partial buying/shopping/researching frame of mind..


The news is nearly constantly bombarding us with unfavorable stories these days. Whether its politics, social issues, or weather disasters, it appears like theres less and less excellent news..

My goal is to break down my typical regimen for evaluating positioning reports to help you conserve time (and possibly a little sanity) while optimizing your account..

As you can see here, there are some instances where it does not work or there still isnt enough info to go on, however there are now many websites I dont need to check out and can phone on whether to exclude them or not right from this report..

Needless to state, there are A LOT of horrible sites on the web..

In Campaign Settings, youll see a list like that above. By checking the box, youll omit your advertisements from those types of placements..

The content filters I have above are based on years of running through positioning reports in one window, using another tab to open doubtful sites to view their content, then making a judgement call whether my ads should run there..

Page Titles:.

According to Google, the GDN currently has over 2 million websites and reaches 90% of the individuals on the web..

Kirks list has more than 2,800 news organization websites that were manually put together to keep a client away from COVID messaging. This is an excellent way to be double secure in your exemptions of news sites and possibly capture some that Google didnt classify properly in the first place..

Where “CELL” is in this formula, add the real cell you wish to show the details for; in this case, your domain URL.

YouTube is no exception. There are countless channels designed for kids with all sorts of material offered.

Because of that, lots of business desire to keep their ads off of news sites altogether..

Whether its too political, not in line with brand name worths, or merely a bad fit, we desire to make sure our advertisements are revealing next to material that, even if not 100% appropriate, is brand safe.

Here are a few of the ways I include unfavorable positionings to my site preemptively before even turning the project live..


While this gives advertisers truly excellent reach throughout the web, it also indicates we need to spend quite a bit of time going through automated positioning reports to discover websites to omit to make sure were enhancing for efficiency and keeping our brands safe..

Ive found there to be two primary groups that I always end up leaving out: domains and essential phrases in URLs..

Just head into your advertisement group level targeting for the desired project, click Topics, then Exclusions. You can then select how particular you wish to manage leaving out all in that classification (as shown above) or if you desire to focus just on particular subsets of that group (revealed listed below).

What strategies do you suggest for reviewing autoplacement reports? We d like to hear your tips in the comments listed below!

As we all know, the internet has some dark corners. Either way, there are bound to be some sites we know, from the start, that we do not desire to have our advertisements shown on merely because of the content they consist of.

There are two significant classifications of analysis I do, so Ive produced a two-part series. As you can tell by the title, this first post focuses on Content Considerations while the second will discuss Performance Reviews. Here we go!