To help advertisers reach specific audiences in ad-supported video, Samsung Ads built a predictive project preparation tool for linked TV.
Audience Advisor is an analytics tool that uses Samsungs own first-party data, integrated with third-party data, to offer brands and agencies a view into how much time specific audiences are investing viewing AVOD, in addition to their content choices.
The tool can be utilized for targeting and budget plan preparation for Samsung buys.
” Advertisers … have actually been asking us concerns about how they can be successful in AVOD due to the fact that they dont feel theyre getting appropriate information from other sources,” Justin Evans, international head of analytics and insights at Samsung Ads, told AdExchanger.
The tool helps advertisers in sectors like ecommerce, car and cpg. When brands publish their own first-party data or third-party purchase information, for instance, they can determine how their target viewers watch TV and where. Samsung, which tracks seeing habits through its ACR technology, can recognize how numerous individuals in a target group are AVOD audiences, the number of apps theyre using daily and at what times.

For instance, Samsung has 13 million “heavy” ecommerce buyers across its advertising environment, 9 countless whom are “primarily” streamers spending 85% of their time viewing CTV material. Half of that time is invested in AVOD, Evans said, with audiences seeing approximately 1.3 hours and introducing six apps per day.
” Were able to paint a portrait for the marketer of what the audiences advertisement experience is going to remain in the AVOD environment,” he stated. “The reach and frequency profile we provide has to do with what kind of marketing success the client can achieve within the Samsung community.”
In order to create the audience organizer, Samsung matches its exclusive information throughout 57 million wise TVs in the United States with third-party data that the brands license, such as insights from automotive data business Polk, or the clients own first-party data that is plugged into the Audience Advisor tool to build custom-made audiences.
The offering also includes information from retail-insights company Commerce Signals to help brand names target consumers across retail, travel, ecommerce, QSR and monetary services.
Considering that Audience Advisor launched in beta in the 3rd quarter of 2021, there has actually been a rise in customers utilizing the tool, Evans added. Samsung Ads declined to reveal a rates design for the tool, only to say its available to its media clients.
The pandemic and rapid shift to streaming TV last year significantly interfered with consumer behaviors, and advertisers are looking for new methods to reach audiences.
The launch of brand-new AVOD services, such as Peacock and Paramount Plus, is drawing in more price-conscious consumers, but likewise fragmenting buying options even further. Advertisers are seeking more holistic measurement and targeting services that are likewise privacy-safe.
” We use Samsung proprietary identifiers, which doesnt use cookies and satisfies IAB and industry standards for CTV that are deterministic,” he stated. “There is a predictive element in the sense that its taking past habits and making a forecast about what will take place in the future.”
Audience Advisor, Samsung Ads released its Samsung Measurement solution in Q4 2020. In May of this year, Samsung was amongst tv manufacturers such as Vizio who leaned into this years NewFronts by touting their own advertising offerings.
Samsung Ads uses ads by itself free service, Samsung TELEVISION Plus, and touted its abilities to control for frequency across TV and streaming through ACR data sets.
“The mission of Audience Advisor because narrative is where marketers feel they do not have adequate details about the AVOD ecosystem, and they do not feel comfy making those investments and benefiting from these tools,” he stated.