The Audience Advisor tool produces data-backed forecasts of scale, ad and reach frequency for future campaigns based upon budget.
To put it simply, “the client onboards what they desire, and we put it to work for them,” Evans said.
Backed by Samsung Ads own first-party TV information, the tool enables advertisers to quantify their reach potential in AVOD. Marketers should see a lot more effective scale and reach when they curate their audiences through among its DMP partners, Samsung Ads says.
This item supplies “context and color for a customer on whats taking place with their audiences,” Evans said. “We can clarify the overall television opportunity for the client through the lens of their curated audiences.”
Enhancing utilizing customer insights increases ROI for the marketers and makes the audience viewing experience more pertinent.
Samsung Ads evaluated hundreds of 2021 ad campaigns, and the outcomes are appealing– brand names who utilized their own first-party data sets saw up to 161% greater conversion rates than campaigns that didnt.
” Advertisers are empowering themselves and stating, We know our consumers better than a 3rd celebration,” Evans stated. “I think its a win that theyre able to attain 161% higher conversion rates when they leverage this data.”
Having the ability to use first-party data also validates the financial investments brand names are making in building direct relationships with their customers.
Brands will be under increasing pressure to select partners who bring “considerable proprietary information to the relationship,” as AVOD continues to increase its share of total television viewership, Evans anticipated.
Online marketers will have the ability to access their curated audiences from numerous DMP partners in the very first quarter of 2022. More integrations will be contributed to the Samsung Ads program throughout the brand-new year.

Samsung Ads is contributing to its AVOD toolkit.
To provide brand names a method to buy media using their own first-party information sets, it set up the Samsung Onboarding Partner Program. Constructed with information management platform (DMP) partners, the program enables advertisers to prepare and trigger sophisticated television projects based on these audience insights.
The program is yet another addition to Samsung Ads broadening AVOD offering pool. Insights-focused Audience Advisor, a preparation tool launched previously this year, allows advertisers to plug in any mix of first- and third-party information to comprehend audience scale, habits and time spent in AVOD. Using those information sectors, advertisers can also drill into metrics like incremental reach and differential conversion rates.
With these 2 products, Samsung Ads is developing up clients understanding of the AVOD community based on their own first-party data, stated Justin Evans, global head of analytics and insights at Samsung Ads. Brands wish to understand moving audience choices toward CTV, especially audiences ad-supported video on demand (AVOD) practices.