Back then, it took 3 to 4 weeks simply to onboard an audience, a procedure that needed to be repeated independently with each network. Now that work can be centralized for audience projects that run throughout every national network (though buys are still performed straight in between companies and networks).
” That means any agency can develop that audience as soon as and share that exact very same consistent section across linear or digital with any national network that they wish to, immediately,” Levy said.

Next up, OpenAP wishes to use omnichannel project measurement along with media planning tools that expose audience sections across network partners that purchasers can use to construct projects.
Because its confined to a particular project, the measurement piece is relatively easy. Making it possible for centralized planning will be harder, as it requires each network partner to expose audience data linked to material.
” With stock throughout all these different consumer environments, where is the audience? Purchasers are quite restricted in being able to comprehend where their auto-intender audience is viewing content,” according to Levy.

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OpenAP was established four years back by a group of TELEVISION networks that wished to bring advanced advertising concepts to standard TV.
The initial concept was to join forces to improve the customer ad experience– lining up on things like shorter advertisements and interactive formats– but the group later pivoted to another opportunity, OpenAP CEO David Levy remembers in this weeks episode of AdExchanger Talks.
He said the initial stakeholders– NBCUniversal, Fox and ViacomCBS– understood early on that if they might standardize the audience matching procedure and use the precise same sections to construct their campaigns, they would understand a big cost and time cost savings. In addition, companies would be able to understand their deduplicated reach across publishers.
” How can you make purchasing an advanced audience across tv just as easy as it is to buy an 18-49 section today? Previous to OpenAP, that was hard,” Levy said.

” With inventory throughout all these various customer environments, where is the audience? Buyers are pretty restricted in being able to understand where their auto-intender audience is viewing material,” according to Levy. We require to have a better understanding of all of their streaming content.”